Friday, November 30, 2012

Blog 13 "Explosions Kill Dozens"

Kaleesha Knox

SOC 202-03

November 28, 2012

“Explosions in Damascus Kill Dozens”

More than 47 people were killed after twin car bombings took place in Syria, an area filled mainly with Christians. Witnesses also report that rebels shot another government aircraft for the second consecutive day in a row. In addition to these two most recent bombings, there has been four reported bombings in the exact same area since August 28 of this year. Being that the persons residing in this residential area are targeted repeatedly because they are Christians and Druze, a branch of faith that comes from the primary concepts, beliefs, and ideas from Shiite Islam and consists of minorities. The immense ball of fire ripped through the town of Jaramana, and the explosions were so destructive that it resulted in walls falling down, causing them to collapse on cars, crushing cars into tiny, unidentifiable objects, and then scattering the debris over the ground. The attacker blew up his own car after he used a different bomb to blow up another car.

This crime reported incident further proves how global issues exist in our society today. Anytime criminals feel comfortable and bold enough to proceed with committing yet another dangerous criminal act multiple times a week, in this instance, it occurred two days consecutively back to back, simply shows how the justice system in many regions need to be severely altered to deter the number of increasing crimes. These law breakers have no fear for the consequences they could receive; therefore, they are more than willing to stoop so low as to blow up their personal possessions to inflict danger and harm upon others. Because terrorists have the ongoing mindset that they are going to get revenge on their opponents, the cycles of war, famine and death will never cease or decrease because these self-interested people could care less about anyone else and their sufferings. In fact, these terrorists base their life around making others struggle and feel inferior simply so they can feel that are in control. In my humble opinion, when a nation gets to the conclusion that they are the top notch and that everything and everyone is beneath them, everyone will began to see an immense falling away from the typical human morals. The world we live in today would be further plagued with evilness and would not contain any good. Unfortuneately, as a global society, I think that it is safe for me to say that for the most part, numerous nations are already at this point. What happens when someone who has tried many times to bring peace foe their country continues to be attacked? What happens when nations that believe in democracy and the right of the people began to feel that they should control their citizens to gain power? What shall happen to the human race as we know it when on that tragic day, no one will ever again try to make peace for the wellbeing of society but give up on mankind? To be honest, I don’t want to think about that horrific day; however, if we continue to go in the direction we are headed in, Earth shall see nothing else other than destruction and immense heartache.

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