Thursday, November 29, 2012

Final Blog:An 80yr old Graduate w/an Online Marketing Degree Kept His Promise

Robert Titus is an eighty year old that recently earned a bachelor’s degree in marketing management online. He graduated from W.G.U Texas, which is an online nonprofit that was created in 2011. He recognizes that he will probably not obtain a job even with his degree. However, all of that is fine because he did not attend school in order to obtain a job. His motivation was the promise he made to his mother several years ago. Robert stated “I promise my mother many, many years ago that I would get my degree.” It is apparent that Robert is a man of his word. This was not his first attempt of pursuing a college degree. He enrolled in college after he graduated from high school, but then enlisted in the United States Navy and served in the Korean War. Once his arrival back home he started a long career in sales, occasionally enrolling in a nearby college, but he could never remain focus. Unfortunately, Robert was not able to attend the graduation in Austin, Texas this month. However, this did not affect his positive attitude because he proudly displays his diploma above his fireplace.
This story is very motivating because it shows that age is just a number.  Robert Titus honored his promise he made to his mother several years ago. He did not allow his age or pass attempts at earning a degree determine his decision for trying again. This whole article is about keeping your word, overcoming obstacle, and never giving up. What he did was extremely commendable and courageous at the age of eight years old. He is an example not only senior citizens, but to anyone that desires to pursue their goal.   This article is inspiring because attending college is difficult for a young person. Remaining focused, having good time management, and remaining motivated are all challenges in college. In addition, the fact he went to college with knowing he would not get a job in his field is wise. Its shows his real purpose was to simply keep his promise to his mother. Robert Titus is a role model for me because his story is extremely inspiring and shows that it is never too late to fulfill your aspirations.

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